Service Awards

50 Years

Lee Swartling - Member since September 1971

Lee Swartling

An award of recognition was recently presented to Lee Swartling to congratulate him on 50 years membership in the Porsche Club of America.  Lee first joined PCA in September 1971.    His years of membership have been enhanced by his ownership of a number of quality Porsches, including 914s and 911s. 

Thank you, Lee for your 50 years of loyal PCA Membership and support.  Members like you are key to making PCA one of the largest marque car clubs in the world!  


Carl Ley - Member since March 1971

Carl Ley

An award of recognition and a big congratulations to Carl Ley on his 50 years of PCA membership.  This is a special milestone and indicative of his passion for Porsche. Carl has been a member of 6 different regions and has attended 15+ Porsche Parades.

We also thank Carl for his Navy service as a jet pilot and admire his taste in cars, including his 2002 911 RUF R Turbo (dyno’d  at 700+ horsepower).   Driving that must be as close to flying as one can get.  
Congratulations, Carl!

45 Years

Bill Roberts - Member since April 1975

Bill Roberts

The INWR recognizes and thanks Bill Roberts for his 45 years of PCA Membership, participation in local and national PCA activities and active service to INWR as an officer and Board Member.

PHIL ROCHELLE - Member since April 1975

Phil 45 years

The INWR recognizes and thanks Phil Rochelle for his 45 years of PCA Membership and extensive support of and participation in the Club.

35 Years

Bill Simer- Member since May 1985

Bill Simer

The INWR recognizes Bill Simer on 35 years of PCA Membership and leadership in the Club and his many contributions to Driver Education.

30 Years

Tom Smith - Member since October 1990

Tom Smith

The INWR congratulates Tom Smith on his 30 years of PCA Membership and service to the club, particularly in Driver Education as a longtime Chief Driving Instructor.

Mark Jennings - Member since August 1990

The INWR congratulates Mark Jennings on 30 years of PCA membership and his support of local rallies.

25 Years

Ron Harris - Member since June 1996

Ron Harris Service Award 25

The INWR congratulates Ron Harris on his 25 years of PCA membership. Ron has served INWR as President as well as many Board Positions. Ron has also been instrumental in organizing INWR volunteers for the annual Joya Penny Drive in Spokane.

Chip Hammond - Member since May 1995


The INWR congratulates Chip Hammond for 25 years of PCA membership and Club support. 

Diane Rochelle
Past President

Diane Past President Award

Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts Service Award