Name Badge

The club encourages the use of name badges as it identifies you to others at club events both regional and national.

The badges are embellished with the Porsche crest and your name and region.

INWR Club Patch & Pin

The patch is 3 inches in diameter and the pin is 11/8 inches in diameter. The price of each is $6.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members

Currently Not Available

INWR Club Grill Badge

Decorate your car with this stunning cloisonné badge with the INWR Logo in Full Color, 3” Diameter, Gold Tone Metal, two threaded posts with thumb nuts on the back.

Mounting plate with longer screw studs also available, shown in lower right of picture.

Currently Not Available

INWR Apparel with Club Logo

All of the apparel from this online store is available with the club logo embroidered onto the garment.

The link below will navigate you to the store website. More details are there about the apparel available and the logo.