Each year, at the Installation Dinner held at the end of January, awards are given to INWR members.

Spark Plug Award

The Spark Plug Award is given to a member who injects life into the INWR.

Spark Plug Award

Sluggo Award

The Sluggo Award is given to someone who does something silly/stupid, gets caught and suffers the consequences.

Sluggo award

President's Award

The President’s Award is decided by the President based on the criteria he/she chooses.

Presidents Award

Copeland Award

The Copeland Award is given to a member of long standing who has contributed a great deal of time and effort to INWR over the past year(s).

Copeland Award

Past President's Award

The Past President’s Award recognizes outgoing Presidents at the end of their terms.


Past Presidents Award
2021 Porsche Parade Awards
Three awards