The purpose of Driver's Education is to make each PCA member a more skilled and safe driver; to provide them with the opportunity to learn about their Porsche(s) and to experience "driving in its purest form" – ultimately on the track. This is accomplished by holding a "Skills" event, suitable for all drivers, held in a space that is NOT a race track or public road and multiple "Track" events on a race track. The "Skills" event will make you a safer driver on the road by teaching driving skills and techniques, which enhance accident avoidance capabilities through improved situational awareness and car control. If desired the driver can attend one or more of the events held on a race track. This event provides an opportunity to learn about your car and enjoy its performance potential and hone your acquired driving skills.


All events enable members to develop their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment with qualified instructors to teach and develop advanced driving skills.


All events are non-competitive, this means there is no timing and scoring; are closely regulated and impose strict non-racing rules on the participants to ensure the safety of the cars and drivers.


Lastly, all the events will allow you to socialize and have fun with other individuals of diverse backgrounds who share a common interest and passion - Porsche automobiles.


Season Completed!

Please check back in Spring 2019 for our DE Schedule


Vehicle Inspection

All cars must pass a safety inspection within 30 days prior to participating at a Track DE event at Spokane Raceway Park. The “Skills” event doesn't require an inspection. The inspection form can be read, downloaded and printed by using the link. Note that self inspections are allowed if driver is competent to do so.


Free Inspection

Porsche of Spokane offers a “free” check of your Porsche by their certified Porsche mechanics; however the participant must schedule the inspection through their service department during their normal hours. It is highly recommended that the first inspection of the Driving Season be done by a Certified Mechanic.


Critical - Brakes

The brake fluid in the car must have been flushed within 12 months of the inspection - proof will be required to pass this requirement.


Critical - Tires

The tires on the car must be the correct speed rating specified by the manufacturer, not more than 6 years old and have more than 3mm of tread depth. Front and Rear Tires must both be of equal diameter. An inspection of your tires will be made prior to each event. If you fail this inspection your fees WILL NOT BE REFUNDED


Snell rated SASA2010/M2010, or newer are required. SA2005/M2005 helmets will NOT pass inspection for any event this season.


 Wear a cotton T-Shirt, Long Cotton pants, closed shoes, Driving gloves are optional

Drivers License

Minimum age 18 with a valid, non-restricted driver's license.



Attend a Drivers Skill course to learn your car’s dynamics (optional but recommended)


Review Spokane County Raceway turn-by-turn description (watch video below)



"Porsche Club of America... It's Not Just the Cars...It's the People!"
"Porsche Club of America... It's Not Just the Cars...It's the People!"
"Porsche Club of America... It's Not Just the Cars...It's the People!"
"Porsche Club of America... It's Not Just the Cars...It's the People!"
"Porsche Club of America... It's Not Just the Cars...It's the People!"